These are just a few testimonials from the satisfied patients that have been treated here and have needed the scanning/prescription orthotics to resolve their particular problems from HEEL PAIN, LEG, HIP or LOW BACK PAIN. They cover and age group from 12 years old through to 60 years , from all walks of life and all with individual needs for their lifestyles, from semi professional footballers / cricketers/ tennis players to serious /fun runners Athletes and just plain everyday folk that just want to be rid of their pain and return to an enjoyable pain free lifestyle.



I’ve been treated by Derek Harland for a couple of years now. As a diabetic with bunions and ingrowing toe nails I have to take particular care of me feet so I need to be sure I’m getting the very best of attention.

Derek, thank you for your expertise, experience and terrific treatment.

If you are reading this and are wondering how to get rid of your verucca(s), then I would urge you to visit Derek for the ‘needling’ treatment as it works wonders.

I had veruccas for eighteen painful years, have seen three doctors and tried EVERY treatment going from silver nitrate pens from the doctor, to Wartner, to covering them with duct tape. Nothing worked until I came across this treatment.
I was really anxious but Derek made everything so straight forward and painless, and after one treatment, there was improvement, but ten weeks after the second treatment, they have completely gone! No more being in pain and being self conscious, especially in the summer. I still cannot believe how quickly the results came but they have!

Thank you so much Derek!

What can I say… Derek is amazing!!
My very nervous 14 year old son had a problem with his big toe, Derek was so patient and honest with my son that he gained his confidence and the treatment my son got was great.
Now my son is minus his in-growing toenail and gained a friend!
Thanks so much Derek, I will be recommending him to everyone I know.

I had to say how grateful I am to you Derek for successfully getting rid of my 3 verrucas -1 of which I had for about 60 years & the other 2 had been very troublesome for over 4 years. In the past I had visited other chiropodists & tried various treatments with chemicals & freezing methods – none of which worked. I saw your site & thought I would try needling.The first needling didn’t make any difference but you were determined to give it your best shot & after the 3rd needling session the verrucas (ALL THREE!) decided to go quietly. Thank you so much for not giving up -my feet feel years younger now & pain free.

Dear Derek and Robert,

Thank you so much for the treatment you’ve given my daughter Grace recently. After years of aching shins and cracked toe nails Grace (12) is now totally pain free and has healthy nails after your recommendation for special “insoles” to support her fallen arches. Your kind and reassuring approach made the whole experience really easy and we are delighted with the result. We’ll be back for a check up in the next six months and really wish we’d found you years ago!

Thank you once again,

Derek treated multiple verruca’s on my right foot using the needling technique. These were verruca’s I had had for some time and could not remove using ‘over the counter’ creams etc.

The needling procedure was quick, relatively pain free and I was able to continue with my normal life style within 24 hours.

The verruca’s were completely gone within 1 month of treatment – leaving clear skin with no scaring what so ever.

I was absolutely thrilled with the results and amazed at how effective the treatment was.

Many thanks Derek.

Dear Mr Harland,

I am very grateful for the treatment you have given to my 100 year old father for having problem with his toe nail which was severely infected. After several unsuccessful request with his GP for treating him I looked online and found Beddington podiatry practice with positive reviews and made appointment to come and see you. I am very pleased that I brought him to see you. Your professional treatment Is having positive results on his toe. Had I waited for his GP to treat him he would have definitely lost his toe.

Thank you very much from all our family.

I had what I thought was a corn on my foot, not the most attractive thing to have to deal with in your twenties, I have awful feet, so I left it alone, for years! I recently started seeing Derek to have this looked at & also for an issue I have with severely flat feet. I now have some top spec bespoke orthotics, that work a treat in ALL of my shoes & I won’t even insult them by comparing them to the NHS issue orthotics! Derek also established my corn is a verucca, he advised me of all the options & I made my own decision. I had my verucca needled less than a week ago & I had forgotten it was there by the time I went to boot camp 4 days later! The procedure was much more effort for Derek than it was for me, I was numbed up & comfortable! I have never been so looked after & well treated. Derek is a true gent, myself and my feet really enjoy our visits! I would give him a hundred stars if I could!

I had started training for a 6 day trek in the mountains, something I have wanted to do for many years, but quite soon developed knee and ankle problems. I was really upset as I thought I would have to give up. I went to see Derek Harland and he cured my problem in one session.

Thank you so much Mr Harland, you have given me my dream back.

I have been going to see Derek for around two years. He is friendly, informative and professional. Derek is worth every penny and you won’t find many like him around.
There are too many feet butchers around and I would, and have recommended Derek to many people. If you have unhappy feet then get to Derek, it’s his mission to have you leave with happy feet 🙂

Derek was recommended to me by my hairdresser and I couldn’t have been happier with the recommendation. My son has been suffering for over a year with an infected ingrown toenail and the treatment carried out at the doctors surgery only 5 months ago did not solve the issue. As a dancer this has been causing untold problems and we decided that we needed expert help.

My son was extremely anxious about having his toe nail removed has he been suffering so much with it but Derek completely put his mind at ease. There was no rushing – Derek took his time until my son was sure he wouldn’t feel anything and was ready for the procedure. The aftercare has been excellent and my son’s recover has been amazing – so much so in just over 2 weeks he is back dancing again!

If anyone has any problems with their feet – don’t wait – go and seek Derek and get it sorted. It will be the best decision you make.

Happy Patient!

Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Derek. Being a nervous patient anyway having nail surgery, he truly looked after me making me feel at ease with a little sing song and a joke! The surgery was carried out painlessly in a very professional unhurried way and the follow up care was excellent.

I cannot recommend Derek highly enough! Thank you!!

I feel the need express my gratitude to Derek for the excellent work he did on my verrucas.

I had something like seven small, but intractable blighters on my left foot that I’d acquired during time spent out in West Africa. Over a period of seven years I’d tried every conceivable kind of treatment, but they just wouldn’t shift.

Then I came to see Derek.
During a 30 minute appointment he skillfully applied his ‘needling’ technique to the original verruca. And it wasn’t painful, which was a relief!

Initially, I didn’t see any change, but after three months or so they started to diminish as my immune system got to them. And after a further two months or so they had completely vanished!

Excellent work and great customer service from a very experienced professional.

Highly recommended.

Nick Branch

I visited Derek with a very stubborn verruca that I’d had for over 8 years. I had tried various methods to try and get rid of it, but nothing worked. Derek recommended needling. I had two sessions and am pleased to say it has gone! I can’t thank Derek enough for helping me. I would highly recommend Derek. He is very patient, gentle and comforting and has worked wonders on my feet!


Hi Derek
I don’t know if you’ll remember, but you treated my 7 year old sons Verruca a couple of months ago. I’ve meaning to email to say thank you for the wonderful way you sorted out my sons toe after I had attempted the silver nitrate solution.(very badly) The Verruca went a couple of weeks later and Jack is convinced that it was the magic cream that sorted it out. Anyway, thanks very much Derek, and for the advice and encouragement you and Robert both offered, regarding me at some point starting a podiatry degree.

Best wishes

Dear Derek
I just wanted to say how pleased I’ve been with the orthotics you had made for my Plantar Fasciitis.
After the disappointment of the failure of other treatments I had tried- cortisone, acupuncture and ultrasound I was afraid my tennis playing days were over. I was delighted and amazed when I was playing again in a fortnight ………..
I am wholeheartedly recommending your treatment to anyone I know with a similar foot problem

Dear Derek
Jean and I would like to thank you for the scans you carried out for us this morning.
We are delighted to have had such a thorough analysis and are most grateful for the professional personal care you showed us …….

Dear Mr Harland

Thank you so very much for your excellent advice on the orthotic supports for my shoes. They have made a huge difference to the ability to walk comfortably and I am most grateful for your expert help ………..

Dear Derek
I wanted to write to say Thank you for helping me with the problems I have been having with my feet.
You scanned my feet with you gait scanner and since wearing the orthotics, I feel like a new person……..
I don’t think I could do without them now.
Once again thank you so much for your help.


I thought I would send you a quick email to let you know that Sam is back playing football twice a week and he is off skiing next week……………. So far so good with the orthotics……..all is going well.

Many thanks for your help…

Derek Hi,
Just a follow up thank you for the time and effort you put into my Son’s orthotics……
Yesterday he commented how much they have reduced his knee pain.

Being a sufferer myself I know that means a great deal

Once again he says” THANKS”


I said I would send you a progress report……..

Last Saturday I went to the Lord Mayors Parade and Fireworks. I must have been on my feet for over 8 hours but when I got home it struck me my feet and legs were not aching and I could have stayed a lot longer ……

Dear Derek
Just a line to say thank you for your help with my foot and leg problems.
The orthotics seem to be working well……..

All the best

Dear Derek

Just wanted to write and say a big thank you for everything you have done for me over the years and a seriously big thank you for suggesting I have some custom insoles made.
Since I have had them I have not had any problems with my feet at all, I can walk for miles. They have made such a difference to my life………..

My name is E**** F**** and I came to see you a year or two back now for dry needling for a persistent mass of verruca’s. After years and years of pain and embarrassment and 3 sessions of the dry needling I was free!!! However since then I have developed a further foot problem and need to see you again.
I must confess because of the distance involved from my home to your surgery I did contemplate trying to find someone nearer but then came to my senses and came back to you 🙂 If you could fit me in, I’d be very grateful.

Thank you Mr Harland for immediately answering my call and swift appointment time. After a short assessment and chat Derek treated my infection. No pain at all during and after. Thank you so much. Nice polite and helpful gentleman whom I hope to use again. Comfortable waiting area. Spacious surgery. Such a relief to be pain free. Thank you very much.

(Infected ingrown toenail)