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Derek Harland, Podiatrist and Chiropodist

Derek Harland

Derek Harland started in “hands on” patient care in 1967 and over the years has learned from experts in many medical specialties. The knowledge that is perhaps the hardest of all to gain is “EXPERIENCE”.

We promise to make every effort to make sure your visit to us will not only resolve your problem but we try to make it pleasurable . Your satisfaction with us and our standards is a benchmark that we value .Our record speaks for itself and is one we are proud of and constantly strive to improve.

We opened the surgery in 1988 with a view to expanding the scope of practice we then provided . Since then we have added as trends have demanded, the very best in equipment and hygiene levels using today’s state of the art technology .

We continually look at the new technology that becomes available and evaluate its benefit it may provide to you the patient . We believe we have the balance right giving patients Safe Effective Treatments using the best available equipment in a clinically clean and pleasant environment and at a Reasonable Fee .

We provide services and treatments for All Foot Conditions ( see our FAQ page) and will give you an honest opinion and advice on your condition and the available treatments to resolve it . In all cases we aim to take your pain away and restore your quality of life as soon as is possible.

Many patients suffer with Foot Pain for example, Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Pain)  and try many unsuccessful self treatments . We have the latest Computerised Gait Scanning

Image of a Gait Scan

Image of a Gait Scan

equipment which will help us diagnose and treat that and in many cases other structural foot conditions which manifest themselves as forefoot , midfoot , ankle , knee , hip , back or neck pain . Along with the Computerised Gait Scan we can provide Computer Generated Orthotics which are made to your prescription that is generated here via the specialist computer software at the surgery. (You get a printed copy of your scan). The Orthotics are then manufactured to that prescription specifically for your feet to treat your foot condition.

We in the UK are becoming more health conscious and with an increasing amount of sport is being taken up as a leisure activity (or perhaps more seriously). Runners for example can suffer and sustain many preventable injuries because they are Pronating or as it is termed by some Over Pronating (a condition caused by faulty foot mechanics). This can be successfully treated by the provision of correct Orthotics (biomechanical medical devices).

We realise that for many the thought of having a toenail partially or totally removed is a very daunting and frightening prospect (not helped by “friends” with horror stories of the people they know who had it done etc. etc.). We get several patients contacting us post operatively to find out why the pain they had expected did not happen !!

At sometime during your lifetime you or someone you know will experience some sort of foot problem. It is estimated that 80% of people in this country have faulty foot mechanics. Fungal or Viral infections are very common especially in the warmer months  So if you are looking for an appointment or simply need advice please contact us by phone or email or bookmark this page for future reference.

We look forward to seeing you soon

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