Nail Surgery Latest Update

Having successfully completed a Post Graduate Module in Local Anaesthetics and Nail Surgery at Glasgow Caledonian University / Southern General Hospital also in Glasgow( June 2012), Derek has now updated his knowledge in the latest local anaesthetic drugs, delivery systems and surgical techniques to ensure you the patient receives nothing but the most up to date treatments available here at Beddington Podiatry Practice.

All of the above helps to ensure a pain free experience when undergoing nail surgery in safe comfortable surroundings.

After the initial assessment where your medical history and suitability for anaesthesia and surgery is confirmed, a suitable date is arranged for the surgery to take place usually within a week of the assessment so there are NO LONG WAITING TIMES (as there are in many area’s on NHS waiting lists) to resolve your ingrown nail.

We get you out of pain and back to a pain free lifestyle very quickly safely and painlessly.

Contact us for more information and to book an appointment with this condition which as we are aware, is / can be extremely painful and debilitating which will be arranged for you very quickly for your assessment, surgery and dressings appointments, by either the contact us form on this site, or by telephone 020 8688 8517.