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If you are ill or have a cold please postpone your visit to the surgery. Please call Derek who will be pleased to rearrange your appointment to the earliest convenient time.

Why people are choosing Derek Harland

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Derek is a consulting podiatrist and chiropodist with 47 years of hands-on patient care. Health Care Professions Council ( HCPC) # CH 16244
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Nail Surgery

Here at the surgery we are able to perform all types of nail surgery carried out in relaxed comfortable surroundings with full follow up treatments provided to ensure your complete safety and satisfaction.
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Children’s Feet

We have been getting many referrals by word of mouth recommendation and from social networking sites such as or for parents to bring children to us with biomechanical problems which have by and large gone unnoticed until the child shows painful symptoms.

Foot Scanning

We have invested in the very latest equipment and software that can analyse your gait (walking pattern). Prescription orthotics (biomechanical medical appliances) can make corrections that will save you from pains in your feet, legs and back!

Orthotic Solutions

We also use “Footprints Orthotic Solutions” laboratory for our template “simple orthotics” (a much softer orthotic designed and made with the older patient in mind) and for some of our Bio-foam “casted” orthotics.


Read our testimonials from the satisfied patients that have been treated here and have needed the scanning/prescription orthotics to resolve their particular problems from HEEL PAIN, LEG, HIP or LOW BACK PAIN. They cover and age group from 12 years old through to 60 years , from all walks of life.

What our patients think…


I’ve been treated by Derek Harland for a couple of years now. As a diabetic with bunions and ingrowing toe nails I have to take particular care of me feet so I need to be sure I’m getting the very best of attention.

Derek, thank you for your expertise, experience and terrific treatment.

If you are reading this and are wondering how to get rid of your verucca(s), then I would urge you to visit Derek for the ‘needling’ treatment as it works wonders.

I had veruccas for eighteen painful years, have seen three doctors and tried EVERY treatment going from silver nitrate pens from the doctor, to Wartner, to covering them with duct tape. Nothing worked until I came across this treatment.
I was really anxious but Derek made everything so straight forward and painless, and after one treatment, there was improvement, but ten weeks after the second treatment, they have completely gone! No more being in pain and being self conscious, especially in the summer. I still cannot believe how quickly the results came but they have!

Thank you so much Derek!

I feel the need express my gratitude to Derek for the excellent work he did on my verrucas.

I had something like seven small, but intractable blighters on my left foot that I’d acquired during time spent out in West Africa. Over a period of seven years I’d tried every conceivable kind of treatment, but they just wouldn’t shift.

Then I came to see Derek.
During a 30 minute appointment he skillfully applied his ‘needling’ technique to the original verruca. And it wasn’t painful, which was a relief!

Initially, I didn’t see any change, but after three months or so they started to diminish as my immune system got to them. And after a further two months or so they had completely vanished!

Excellent work and great customer service from a very experienced professional.

Highly recommended.

Nick Branch

I visited Derek with a very stubborn verruca that I’d had for over 8 years. I had tried various methods to try and get rid of it, but nothing worked. Derek recommended needling. I had two sessions and am pleased to say it has gone! I can’t thank Derek enough for helping me. I would highly recommend Derek. He is very patient, gentle and comforting and has worked wonders on my feet!